International Conference on Architecture: Heritage, Traditions and Innovations (AHTI 2019)

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Jan. 30, 2019
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Feb. 11, 2019
Conference Date:
Feb. 26-27, 2019

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of international scientific conference


“Architecture: heritage, traditions and innovations”

26-27 February 2019

Moscow, B. Dmitrovka str., 24

Scientific Research Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning  (branch of the Central Institute for Research and Design of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation) (NIITIAG)

International Scientific and Cultural Center for Academic Contacts (ISCCAC)


With the participation of:

Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS)

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) (MARCHI)

The State Institute for Art Studies of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (SIAS)

The André Chastel research Centre in History of Art

Faculty of Architecture of the Belarusian National Technical University

Institute of Arts of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

 February 26, 2019


10.00 - 10.30 - registration of participants

10.30 - Opening of the Conference

Plenary session – auditorium 103,

led by – N.A. Konovalova


Kazaryan Armen Yurevich

Introductory word: Heritage as a source of traditions and innovations

Yesaulov Georgiy Vasilievich 

Architectural education: processes, resources, strategies

Sardarov Armen Sergeevich (Minsk, Belarus)

Architecture and mass culture

Ptichnikova Galina Aleksandrovna

Artistic means of media architecture

Antonova Natalia Evgenievna,

Vyatchanina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Postolaki Vasiliy Aleksandrovich

Shchenkov Alexey Serafimovich

The identity of small Russian historical cities as a subject of study and maintenance

Kertmenjyan David (Yerevan, Armenia)

Regeneration of Soviet period complexes in the system of Contemporary Armenian Architecture

Yile Chen (Macau, China)

Research on the Development of the Style of Lingnan Homestead in Macau—Taking Mandarin’s House as an Example


13.00 - 14.00 Coffee break


2 pm - 5 pm Section 1. New studies on the history of architecture from the Middle Ages to the New time

auditorium 103, led by – A.Y. Kazaryan, O.V. Baeva

Vorobieva Darya Nikolaevna

The architecture of the early medieval Jain temple and ritual. On the example of the complex Ellor

Pischulina Victoria Vladimirovna  (Rostov-on-Don)

Architectural transformations of the fortification architecture of the North Caucasus and the Caucasus of the 10th -12th  centuries: main trends


Argun Alkhas Valikovich  (New Athos, the Republic of Abkhazia)

The peculiarities of the objects of medieval architectonic plastic arts from the fortress of Anacopia in the universal cultural context of the Crimea and North Caucasus.

Klyuev Sergey Andreevich The rock temples of the monasteries of Geralt (Tigray, Ethiopia): a comparative analysis of the three monuments of the 2nd half of the 13th - the 1st half of the 15th centuries


Pozdnyakova Maria Igorevna

Five-nave temples in the history of Gothic architecture: from Notre Dame to Saint-North in Paris

Salimov Aleksey Maratovich

The Cathedral of Tver According to the Architectural-Archaeological Researches

in 2012-2014: Was the Discovery of Ancient Temple Took Place?

Merzlyutina Natalia Alekseevna

Temples "like the bells" and the church-bell tower in Russian architecture of the late 17th - early 18th century. Tradition and innovation. Preliminary considerations


2 pm - 5 pm Section 2. Urban planning: problems and development prospects


conference hall, 3rd floor,


led by – G.A. Ptichnikova, M.V.Dutsev


Gelfond Anna Lazarevna  (Nizhny Novgorod)

Conception of potential spatial frameworks of historic cites

Vasilyev Nikolai Yuryevich

Ovsyannikova Elena Borisovna

Postwar Sevastopol Architectural Heritage. Discoveries and Preservation Concerns


Balian Karen Vladilenovich

Modernization of spaces and forms. On the example of the general plan of Yerevan

Kukina Irina Valerievna (Krasnoyarsk)

On the multidimensionality of the concept of renovation of the architectural and urban planning environment of the “post carbon” city

Petrova Zoya Kirillovna

Prospects for the development of low-rise buildings in conjunction with the landscape

Melnikova Galina Leonidovna,

Lazareva Irina Vladimirovna,

Zaitsev Alexander Borisovich,

Gorbunova Anna Nikolaevna

Historical analysis of the settlement development in the space of Russia: urban planning perspectives

Maksimova Olga Igorevna

Principles of landscape management, Italian case. Basic values for legislation and planning. Conclusions for Russia.

Afonin Vitalii Sergeevich

Regulatory limitations for the design of residential multi-storey wooden buildings


17.00 buffet


February 27, 2019


10.00 - 13.00 Section 1. New studies on the history of architecture from the Middle Ages to the New time


auditorium 103,

led by – S.S.Levoshko, A.D Bode


Lavrentyeva Elena Sergeevna

The architectural history of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem: the question of the periodization of Melchior de Vogüé

Chanturia Yuri Vladimirovich (Minsk, Belarus)

Yanush Alesya Pavlovna (Minsk, Belarus)

The System of the Plan Compositional Principles of the Gothic Town Building in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Sementsov Sergey Vladimirovich (St. Petersburg)

Akulova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna (St. Petersburg)

Foundation and development of the regular Saint Petersburg agglomeration in the 1703 – 1910s

Olga Bayeva

Features of the architecture of residential buildings of Nakhichevan-on-Don of the second half of the 19th century.


Ivanova-Illicheva (Rostov-on-Don)

Anna Mikhailovna (Rostov-on-Don)  

Buchka Alexander Mikhailovich(Rostov-on-Don)

Shapiro Grigori Efimovich  (Rostov-on-Don)

Religious buildings in the spatial pattern of a provincial town of the 19th century

(case study: the towns of the Southern Russia


Ivanov Andrey Vladimirovich

A new look at the historical architecture of Gyumri: the genesis of the living vernacular city

Starostenko Julia Dmitrievna

Y. Shtyubben's book "Urban Planning" (1890, 1907) and its influence on the works of Russian specialists in urban improvement in the early twentieth century

Serebryanaya Valentina Vasilyevna (Volgograd)

Makhova Svetlana Ivanovna (Volgograd)

Makhova Tamara Dmitrievna (Volgograd)

Mordvintsev Ilya Timofeevich (Volgograd)

Investigation of industrial architecture’s monuments in the 19th - early 20th centuries in Volgograd Region


10.00 - 13.00 Section 3. Traditions and innovations in the architecture of the newest time


conference hall, 3 floor

Led by – A.G. Vyazemtseva St. Gaessler


Bondarenko Igor Andreevich

To the question of the extent of innovation in architecture

Moiseeva Svetlana Borisovna

Prospects for the use of monuments of cultural and historical heritage in the conditions of the village

Ermolenko Elena Valentinovna

Communicative space in modern architecture

Dutsev Mikhail Viktorovich (Nizhny Novgorod)

Urban environment: in search for new imagery

Pershina Irina Leonidovna

Abiotic factors of geonic environment reconstruction

Rochegova Natalia Alexandrovna

Barchugova Elena Viktorovna

Integral Environment of the Information-oriented Society and Higher School of Architecture as a Field of Design Researches

Kozlov Dmitry Yurievich

The Heritage of the Laboratory of Architectural Bionics and the Latest Trends in Architectural Morphogenesis

Kasyanov Nikolay Vladimirovich

On the geometric possibilities of modern architectural form

Ilvitskaya Svetlana Valerievna

Koneva Ekaterina Yuryevna

The architectural heritage of the orthodox monasteries of the Balkan countries and Russia in contemporary sociocultural environment

Vengerova Marina Eduardovna Corporate identity in architecture. Christian temples of ancient Russia. Hindu temples of India. Offices of  21st century companies


14.00 - 18.00 Section 4. Problems of preservation and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage


auditorium 103,

led by –  A.M.Ivanova-Ilyicheva, N.V. Kasyanov


Sasnaya Elena Vyacheslavovna (Grodno, Belarus)

Prerequisites for the preservation of sacred heritage in the Grodno region (Belarus)

Slabukha Alexander Vasilyevich (Krasnoyarsk)

Modern Russian legislation, state practice and methods of establishing the historical and cultural value of architectural heritage objects

Bode Andrei Borisovich

Methods of the Restoration of Wooden Architectural Monuments in Russia

Tsarev Vladimir Innokentievich (Krasnoyarsk)

Tsarev Vladimir Vladimirovich (Krasnoyarsk)

Problems of preserving the architectural heritage in industrial development areas of Siberia


Besolov Vladimir Butusovich (Vladikavkaz)

Medieval architectural heritage of the urban peoples of the Greater Caucasus: current state and future destiny

Butorina Irina Viktorovna  (St. Petersburg)

The evolution of the concepts of preserving historical cities in the second half of the 20th century: from the restoration of monuments to “sustainable development”

Dolgova Victoria Olegovna

Loss of historical and cultural heritage in the form of small towns and

rural settlements of the Kaluga region


Scheglov Alexander Alexandrovich (Lipetsk)

Features of the provincial "restoration"



14.00 - 18.00 Section 3. Traditions and innovations in the architecture of the newest time

conference hall, 3rd floor,


led by –  T.N. Vyatchanina, K.V. Balian


Volchok Yuri Pavlovich

Images and architectonics of the history of architecture of modern times

Levoshko Svetlana

S. Petersburg and Tallinn in the works of Alexander Vladovsky: identity metamorphoses

Vyazemtseva Anna Gennadievna

Architects of Russian Emigration in Rome between two wars: integration or adaptation?


Selivanova Aleksandra Nikolaevna

Inventing "Modern Architecture": Government and Social Order in the USSR in the 1930s

Vakhitov Timur Rinatovich

Design modeling methods in constructivism architecture

Ershov Petr Glebovich (St. Petersburg)

The building of the Optical Institute (1947-1956) in St. Petersburg and the unrealized project of redevelopment of the eastern part of Vasilyevsky Island

Kazakova Olga Vladimirovna  

Fighting the fight against excesses. Resolution of 1955 and its consequences in architectural discussions and construction practice of the Kazakh SSR of the 1960s

Gaessler Stéphane (Paris, France)

Experimental Soviet architecture of 1960s -1980s: from prospective to post-modernism. Cultural Broadcast Experience

Konovalova Nina Anatolyevna

The architecture of postmodernism in Japan: the main features

Gybina Maya Mihajlovna

Reconstruction of Corviale





Belintseva Irina Viktorovna

Architect Kurt Frick (1884 – 1963): aspects of interwar creative activity (East Prussia/Kaliningrad Oblast)

Bin Luo, Junheng Shao, Changjing Ding (Hubei, China)

An Analysis on the Art of the Plinth in the Folk Houses in Southeast Hubei — Taking the Ancestral Temple as an Example

Govorov Sergey Viktorovich

Transformation of planning structure in the development of small cities

Dobritsyna Irina Aleksandrovna

Spatialization as a special form of spatial organization of the city, objectifying social existence

Jin Zhang, Hui Zhang, Zilong Liu (Zhengzhou, China)

Planning Research on Tourist Town. Taking a Tourist Town in Henan Province as an Example

Jin Zhang, Jiang Nie (Zhengzhou, China)

The Current Situation and Development of Rural Tourism. Taking Qianjiaji Village, Xinzheng as an Example

Jin Zhang, Yanan Wang (Zhengzhou, China)

Study on the Aging Reform of Rural Idle Schools

Kazaryan Armen Yurievich.

Loshkareva Ekaterina Andreevna

Features of architecture and relief plastics of the church Zakar in the Inner Fortress (Akhchkabed) Ani

Kirikov Boris Mikhailovich

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ in St. Petersburg and the concept of national revival in Russian architecture of the end of the 19th century

Kosenkova Yuliya Leonidovna

On the formation of the scientific concept of the history of architecture and urban planning of the Soviet period

Kubetskaya Lyubov Ivanovna

Historical-genetic regularities of origin and development of urban systems as   time – spaces models  basis

Leung Dze Ming (Krasnoyarsk)

Parametric Design Modelling in Urban Art: Approaches and Future Directions

Malich Ksenia Alexandrovna (St. Petersburg)

The game as a way to transform urban space in the projects of graduates of the London Architectural Association of the 1960-1970s

Nevlyutov Marat Rayilevich

Ecology and architecture: designing a human survival environment

Nugmanova Gulchachak Gilemkhanovna

The architectural and town planning process in the Russian province of the last third of the 19th - early 20th century: the general model and Kazan specificity

Hovsepyan Grant Ashotovich (Yerevan, Armenia)

The diagonal grid as a design method in the Armenian medieval architecture

Ozheshkovskaya Irina Nikolaevna (Minsk, Belarus)

The architecture of the monastery temples of the Basilian Order in Belarus of 17th – 1st half of 19th centuries.

Ponomarenko Elena Vladimirovna

The architecture of the churches of the southern Urals in the 17th – 19th centuries.

Radzevich Irena Romanovna (Minsk, Belarus)

The development of the architecture of Catholic altars in 17th –  1st half of 19th centuries in Belarus

Saprykina Natalia Alekseevna

New approaches to formation of architectural space: innovative concepts

Ter-Minasyan Anush Ashotovna (Yerevan, Armenia)

A book that revolutionized scientific architecture studies (on the 100th anniversary of the publication of the book “Architecture of Armenians and Europe” by Joseph Strzhigovsky)

Tokarev Artur Georgievich

Architecture of Soviet avant-garde in the Russian south: past and future

Ukhnalev Andrey Evgenievich

The Central Part of the Neva River and its Role in St. Petersburg of Peter's time

Fedchenko Irina Gennadievna (Krasnoyarsk)

Study on the formation of residential planning units at the beginning of the 21st century: an interpretative review

Kholodova Elena Vasilyevna

The architectural and spatial organization of the estate complexes of the Kursk region in 18th – 1st half of 19th centuries.

Shtiglitz Margarita Sergeevna

The architectural complex of the Nevsky manufactory of baron Stieglitz. History and problems of reprofiling

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